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Half-Day Event

A Cultural and Healing Experience

If you want to experience the Bwiti tradition but can't make it to our week long retreats, this is for you.

In an afternoon you will have a Spiritual Shower, a Traditional African Sauna, and a Bwiti Firetalk.

You will hear about our experiences with the Iboga plant medicine and share in the wisdom of the Bwiti tradition all the while listening to Bwiti music.

Note that no Iboga will de distributed during the half-day experience.

Spiritual Shower

Traditional plants, herbs and barks are individually programmed, and are prepared by a lengthy soaking.

Then you will take a private shower using the infused water and leaves to scrub away anything negative from the body, mind and spirit.

Traditional African Sauna

Wrapped in a massive African pagne (traditional African draping cloth), your body is smoked using a fire built with plant materials from the Gabonese jungle.

 This cleanses you from any negative energies that might be attached to you.


This talk therapy is one of the best healing tools we have in the Bwiti tradition. This is where we sit around the fire and share wisdom. We discuss what life is, what's its purpose, what is happiness and peace of mind, and how to bring them into your life. These are the ancestral teachings of the Bwiti.

Event Details


Duration: 3+ hours

Cost: $650 per person

Want to organize a Half-Day Event in your area? Contact us for group pricing and availability. 

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