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Heal Your Soul 

Heal Your Soul 

 "We facilitate life-changing spiritual exploration, creating space for personal growth and deep healing through the ancestral power of the Iboga plant medicine and the wisdom of an ancient African tradition."



Your Iboga providers were trained under the guidance of a 10th generation Shaman in the jungles of Gabon to have to the skills to safely guide you through the traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga healing experience.


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Apart from the Iboga plant medicine, we use a variety of herbs, plants, and barks all cultivated and harvested in the heart of the Gabonese jungle in accordance with the ancient Bwiti tradition.


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Reconnecting with my voice and facing PTSD


After the experience, I noticed I was better able to engage with my family and rest at night with less PTSD symptoms. I also was able to relocate and find my voice and ability to express myself especially with people that I have experienced trauma with in the past.
I would recommend this experience to others, especially men and Veterans.


Great care


David and Ashana have a great respect for the tradition and the medicine and great detail for those in their care. I felt cared for and supported throughout the entire process. Highly recommend.


A healing experience that made me feel cared for


The experience gave me some much needed clarity on where my life was heading and assisted me in making the decisions my soul desired from that point forward. My experience was so wonderful, my husband decided to have his own experience as well and it has done wonders for our marriage and extended family interactions. I would definitely recommend Ashana and David as providers again.


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