Heal for real

A Traditional African Experience

Spiritual Shower

Iboga Ceremony

Traditional African Sauna

At Ibogaworks we offer the African medicine plant Iboga as it was taught to us by High Shaman Moughenda in the jungles of Gabon in accordance with the Bwiti traditional spiritual path.

We have experienced incredible healing with this medicine and it is our mission to bring Iboga out to the world.


The "Choosing A Different Future With Siris" Podcast

FRI. NOV 18 AT 10:00 AM EST

What have you heard about Iboga? Thousands of people have overcome recurring depression, let go of crippling anxiety, moved past traumatic childhoods, ended fear, phobias, self-hate, self-sabotage and have gone on to heal aspects of themselves they didn’t think they ever could.

What if you could live with peace of mind and happiness in your heart no matter what has happened to you?

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